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Watch Supernatural s.8 ep.15 (Man’s Best Friend with Benefits) Online

The brothers are called to help cop acquaintance James Framton, now a police detective in East St. Louis, who fears his nightmares about committing ripper murders may be true, especially after finding his bloody shirt in the trash. The help cry actually was faked by his ‘familiar’ Portia, who approaches Sam in her canine form, and admits James became a witch, mentored by local Spencer Wallis. Posing as FBI agent, Sam worries, finding James’s cop colleague Ed Stoltz seems building up a case against him. Portia’s feline colleague Phillippe LeChat is part of a trap, which has the brothers puzzled which side anyone is on, while Sam works on why Dean is so reluctant to let him try the triple challenge from the tablet.

  • Director: John F. Showalter
  • Cast: Jared Padalecki | Jensen Ackles | Christian Campbell
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.6
  • Today: 395 Views
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