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When a sailor is killed in liquor store robbery, the team investigates. They learn from witnesses that a man was standing over him. They learn he works at the store that was robbed. He disappeared after. They wonder if he had anything to do with it, because they found the gun used locked in the office. The man is eventually found and held by the police, Gibbs sends Bishop and Torres to get him. When they get there they ask him what happened, he says someone wearing a mask came in and tried to rob the store and the sailor tried to stop him. They then try to find the shooter with clues they have, like the type of car he used and shoes he wore. Later someone from Immigration shows up and tells Gibbs the man he was looking for is suppose to deported, which is why he ran. Gibbs tells Bishop and Torres to take their time, especially since the man wants to see his mother so they take him to her. Gibbs eventually finds three suspects and try to finds out which one is the shooter. Tony’s …

  • Director: Alrick Riley
  • Cast: Mark Harmon | Pauley Perrette | Sean Murray
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.7
  • Today: 348 Views
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