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Now that the veil has been lowered between earth and the Other Side, dead people are coming back either seeking revenge or looking out for their friends. Among the peaceful people are Alaric, Jeremy, Grams and Lexi who come back to look out for their family members. At the same time, Kol also returns seeking revenge on Elena for her assist in his death and another three members of the Five return including Connor, Vaughn and Alexander. Meanwhile, Jeremy helps Elena release all of her emotions without becoming overwhelmed by everything bad that she had been holding back, Grams helps Bonnie through a hard time after she is now dead because of doing a spell that should keep Jeremy alive when the veil goes back up, Alaric hangs out with his best friend while he’s still a semi living person and Lexi and Stefan party while they still have time. Rebekah and Matt continue to grow closer while trying to stay alive and Rebekah eventually gets her wish of going home around the world with him

  • Director: Chris Grismer
  • Cast: Nina Dobrev | Paul Wesley | Ian Somerhalder
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.2
  • Today: 306 Views
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