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Watch American Horror Story s.4 ep.4 (Edward Mordrake: Part 2) Online

Having to decide which of the freaks to add to his collection, Edward Mordrake learns more about them and their backgrounds. He shows a particular interest in Elsa who tells him about her days as a dominatrix in 1930s Germany. It’s the pornographic films she also made that led to her losing her legs. Meanwhile Jimmy’s motorcycle runs out of gas and with Maggie Esmerelda in tow they head off through the woods to get back home. When they see Twisty the Clown attack one of his prisoners, who has just managed to escape, Jimmy decides to do something about it. Dandy has his own ideas however. When Mordrake appears, we learn of Twisty’s history and how he was bullied by some of the freaks while working as a circus clown and, unable to work, tried to end it all. Mordrake seems to have found the one he is looking for. Back at the freak show, Stanley arrives and tells Elsa he’s a Hollywood talent scout.

  • Director: Howard Deutch
  • Cast: Sarah Paulson | Evan Peters | Michael Chiklis
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.8
  • Today: 388 Views
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