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Tara accepts the job offer in Oregon, but doesn’t tell Jax, asking Oregon if she can have some time to put her affairs in Charming in order. Jax organizes a new deal for Galindo to cover the loss of SAMCRO; Lin agrees to sell them guns from Hamas (with a 10% referral fee going to the Sons), the Mayans will mule the coke themselves and continue to sell it in California, and the 9ers will continue to sell Pope’s surplus coke in Reno. However, when Jax introduces Lin to Romeo and Torres, a delay in Lin’s suppliers mean Galindo need one more Real IRA shipment before cutting ties. As Jax closes in on proving Clay was behind the home invasions, Juice finds documents proving his guilt, but Clay is able to avoid his fate. Jax tells Bobby and Chibs the truth about Clay’s involvement with John’s death, the hit on Tara, and the real circumstances of Piney’s murder, but in order to try to prevent Jax from turning into Clay and tearing the Sons apart, Bobby persuades Clay to come clean about the …

  • Director: Peter Weller
  • Cast: Charlie Hunnam | Katey Sagal | Mark Boone Junior
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.1
  • Today: 230 Views
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