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On the advice of Jimmy, the Real IRA council reject Cameron’s pleas, and Kellan convinces Maureen it would be better for him if they had him killed themselves, rather than letting the IRA or the Sons get to him first, and torture him. However, rather than covering up his presence in Northern Ireland as Jimmy orders, Kellan has Cameron’s body dumped in public. He then takes Abel from a reluctant Maureen, and has him illegally adopted. SAMCRO, who believe Cameron and Abel to be in Canada, learn the deal Zobelle cut with Alvarez to distribute heroin throughout California’s prisons is still on the table, and the Mayans are cutting their product in Lodi and running it through Charming to Stockton. Despite most of the Sons urging retaliation against Alvarez, Clay decides to play things strategically rather than violently, and turns to the Grim Bastards for help gathering intel. As Unser reconsiders Jacob’s offer to help prevent Charming PD being absorbed into the county sheriff’s office, …

  • Director: Billy Gierhart
  • Cast: Charlie Hunnam | Katey Sagal | Mark Boone Junior
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.2
  • Today: 233 Views
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